Grader GL 3200: For grading of polished diamonds for color, fluorescence, light behavior, proportions, alignment, symmetry and digital fingerprinting in under 4 minutes.

Clarity GL 5200: For clarity grading, inclusion mapping and imaging of polished and rough diamonds.

VeriGem: For light behavior grading and ImaGem-Secure digital fingerprinting for polished loose and mounted diamonds.

ImaGem Lab Express System: A custom configuration of ImaGem equipment to suit the needs of our customers.

ImaGem Lab Information System: A robust back-end system for smooth functioning of ImaGem installations. Systems are configured to meet customers needs.

GemInsight: A sophisticated video and photo capture device for use in e-commerce, in-store or catalog sales.

ImaGem-Viewer: An easy to use viewing tool, with adjustable lights for viewing diamonds or gemstones. Excellent for use in-store to show diamonds to consumers instead of using loupes or microscopes.