What is ImaGem’s business model for light behavior and diamond grading services?

ImaGem thinking is to bring the best technology to the market place. What we mean by best is technology that is accurate, efficient and helps in standardization of evaluating diamonds. To achieve these goals, ImaGem is working with the industry in a number of different ways that create value of the investors and the trade.

Why does ImaGem require connectivity with its installed equipment?

The basic principle here is that monitoring the output is essential for ongoing quality control and technical service support.

Does ImaGem plan to compete directly with gem grading laboratories?

ImaGem is a gem information company that serves and supports the gem industry. We would only offer services directly when or where the gem laboratories decline to participate.

Where in the world does ImaGem plan to install its services?

ImaGem offers services that have application to and add value to gem processing from cutters and polishers all the way to retail jewelers. Where such activity is concentrated ImaGem is interested.

Where in the supply chain does ImaGem desire to have its grading services employed?

Anywhere along the supply chain ImaGem can provide services. But the basic principle is that the sooner that a cut stone’s grade and identity are determined, the better for everyone in the supply chain including the consumer.

In what ways may investors choose to work with ImaGem?

An investor can participate in a number of ways:

Investors can make direct investment in ImaGem, Inc. or ImaGem Technology Pvt. Ltd stock.
Investors can set up independent laboratories and lease/purchase equipment from ImaGem.
ImaGem will install equipment and an investor is responsible for office and operational costs. In all cases, per stone charge applies to services rendered by ImaGem.

What does ImaGem mean by proposing to major trade factors that initial grading be done on site? What are the benefits?

On-site grading immediately after cutting and polishing represents the soonest a cut stone can be graded and identified. The information can be linked to each cut stone thereafter.

How does ImaGem handle the installation and calibration of equipment and the training of client personnel?

For a quoted fee we offer a standard package for installation, calibration and training, given the components selected by a client.

What ongoing service support does ImaGem provide for the installed systems that yield the diamond grading and light behavior reports?

ImaGem offers the choice of a comprehensive service contract or a standard package of fees for on site and remote service support.

What are the types of savings that clients can obtain by adopting ImaGem grading systems?

The savings will derive from many sources: higher throughput and less personnel than traditional gem lab operations and tighter loose stone inventory control and tracking.

What is the per stone pricing schedule based on?

The schedule considers size and shape of the diamonds and the volume of stones graded.

What will ImaGem do to help a prospect decide whether or not to adopt the grading services desired?

We encourage a prospect to discuss the application(s) of interest and learn how ImaGem proposes to meet your needs. Next the prospect may visit our research center or send some stones to be scanned and graded and reports provided. Then, if appropriate, ImaGem would provide a loaner unit for a limited period to evaluate the equipment on site.