Do ImaGem grading reports contain the same information as the major labs such as GIA and AGS?

Yes, ImaGem provides the universal measures of carat weight, color and clarity and extensive gauging measures plus a visual image of the stone. However we have not adopted their recently added models for deciding cut grade. Instead ImaGem provides three direct measures of light behavior and an overall light behavior grade. ImaGem’s grading reports provide additional information such as girdle, axial and table symmetry and girdle perimeter.

What are new measures has ImaGem incorporated into its Diamond Grading Report?

The three measures of light behavior pioneered by ImaGem, brilliance, sparkle and intensity, lead to an accurate and repeatable light behavior grade of a diamond.

Is the light behavior report on the grading report the same as on the separate light behavior report?

The method of measuring data are the same. However, different levels of data may appear on a full certificate, on a credit card report, or other custom formats.

How does ImaGem measure and grade color?

ImaGem’s patented technology measures color based on several readings taken all around a diamond. The measurements are highly repeatable. The results of the machine color grade are further reviewed by trained gemologists for discrepancy. Most other labs rely 100% on human judgment.

How does ImaGem measure and grade fluorescence?

ImaGem is a pioneer in reporting a fluorescence that is based on actual measurement of fluorescence observed in a diamond and translated in to industry accepted terminology. Also, the color of fluorescence is provided. ImaGem captures chromaticity of fluorescence (x,y,z ) which can also be made available to the trade if they wish to distinguish their grading product.

How does ImaGem measure and grade symmetry?

ImaGem has proprietary technology to directly measure the shape of a girdle and the table for all cuts. From the data the symmetry of the shape and table are derived. The centers of the shape, table and the culet are used determine the axial symmetry. The three measures of symmetry, i.e., shape, table, and axis are combined to give an overall measure of symmetry. This symmetry measure provides valuable information on how well a diamond has been manufactured.

In performing color and clarity grading how does ImaGem utilize a gemologist?

The measures and plots provided are always subject to the visual review of a trained gemologist.

Why does ImaGem compute carat weight in addition to directly measuring it?

The direct measure of a highly accurate scale is compared to the derived carat weight by multiplying the volume by the specific gravity. When the two numbers are within a normal range of error, there is confidence that the scale is operating properly.

For what size stones does ImaGem offer services? Does the size vary by shape?

Presently, up to 10 carat round stones can be scanned by ImaGem’s equipment. Unlike other systems, the gauging repeatability is the same regardless of size. ImaGem can now process almost any shape as long as it the Diamond can sit on the table. ImaGem can process other sizes and shapes if requested.

Does ImaGem currently offer services to determine if stones are synthetic or treated? If so, please describe?

ImaGem has capability to integrate other systems in its grading process which are used to identify treatment. ImaGem also has proprietary technology to screen for certain treatments.