United States Patent 6,020,954
Issued February 1, 2000

Method and associated apparatus for the standardized grading of gemstones
Abstract: A method and associated apparatus for the standardized grading of gemstones is provided. The system gauges the spectral response of a gemstone subject to a plurality of incident light sources within an imaging apparatus. Light energy data is captured in the form of pixel data sets via a charge coupled device of the imaging apparatus of the local station. The analysis station employs a data processor and model database for assessing the aesthetic and/or monetary value of gemstones by way of the communicated pixel data sets. Gemstones qualities are analyzed by the plurality of light sources of the imaging apparatus and quantified relative to model pixel data sets of the database and recorded for future reference therein.

Total Number of Claims awarded: 29
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United States Patent 6,239,867
Issued May 29, 2001

This patent is a continuation of the first patent and covers in greater detail innovations in the fields of gauging, light behavior, color, fluorescence, symmetry, registration and verification, data storage, communication of data, electronic commerce related to diamonds and gemstones.

Total Number of Claims awarded: 52

United States Patent 6,980,283
Issued December 27, 2005

This patent defines the innovations in the field of various lights and how they are controlled in the apparatus described in patents # 6,020,954 and # 6,239,867.

Total Number of Claims awarded: 12