ImaGem SecureTM: Non invasive Registration for Rough, Polished and Mounted Diamonds

ImaGem Secure is a diamond fingerprinting service for registering and verifying a diamond’s identity. This service can be used to register rough, polished and mounted diamonds and verify their identity at a later point in time. ImaGem Secure uses non invasive techniques for unique identification and is based on ImaGem’s patented direct measurement technology.

With ImaGem Secure, one can be sure that a diamond has not been switched during a transaction, thereby preventing losses to businesses and consumers.

What is ImaGem Secure?

ImaGem Secure can be used to register and verify a single stone, or a parcel of loose stones. Jewelry manufacturers can use this service for registering a loose stone and verify it after it has been mounted in a piece of jewelry. Retailers can also register and verify mounted diamond jewelry for buy-back programs, repairs and more. The VeriGem machine takes about 50 seconds to register a stone and 50 seconds to verify its identity. Once registered, a Registration Certificate is issued for the stone.

ImaGem Secure service is not restricted to theft prevention and has multiple uses for the trade. ImaGem Secure can be used for the following:

  • Inventory management
  • Sale of a single stone
  • Sale of a parcel of stones
  • Jewelry manufacture
    Sale of mounted jewelry
  • Government or law enforcement programs
  • Sale of rough stones/Kimberley Process

A single machine – VeriGem is used to provide the above services. For members of the trade who are also interested in direct measurement of light behavior of diamonds, the same machine can be used on-site to provide this service in 30 seconds.

For more information on ImaGem Secure or VeriGem, call ImaGem at +1-888-7-IMAGEM (1-888-746-2436) or +1-215-477-9920 or email us at