The GL 3200 Grader unit is used by grading labs, manufacturers, and internet retailers for grading stones on gauging, color, fluorescence, light behavior and symmetry. It has been in commercial use since 2006.
This instrument is fully automated and works at the touch of a button. This is the first integrated diamond grading system available in the world. The system scans a diamond and grades on gauging, color, fluorescence, light behavior, symmetry, and cut.
Direct measurement of light behavior for cut and appearance grade is currently available for round brilliant, marquise and princess shapes, branded cuts and other shapes are available on request.


The following direct measurements are made at the grading station:

  • Color
  • Fluorescence
  • Light Behavior
  • Gauging
    • Table depth
    • Girdle Thickness (min/max/average)
    • Girdle Perimeter
    • Table Size
    • Crown / Pavilion Angles
    • Culet width
  • Symmetry – axial, table, girdle
  • Alignment – table, girdle


  • Cycle time is 3 minutes and 45 seconds per stone.
  • Production capacity is 2400 stones per month.
  • Repeatability : ± 0.005mm with 2 Sigma probability for linear measurements for all sizes except for table. Repeatability for angles depends on size of stone.
  • Color: 1/3rd grade
  • Fluorescence ± 0.03 on C.I.E. (Commission Internationale L’ Eclairage, France) XYZ scale.


ImaGem Diamond Grading Report

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