The VeriGem® machine is used for direct measurement of light behavior and for fingerprinting (registration and verification) of diamonds by gem labs, retailers, diamond manufacturers, wholesalers and appraisers. This machine can be used for both: loose and mounted diamonds! It has been in commercial use since 2006.

ImaGem’s patented direct measurement technology actually measures the brilliance, sparkle and intensity of a diamond to assign an overall light behavior grade. Numerical measures and grades are given on this basis. Processing time for each diamond is about 40 seconds and a certificate is printed on-site immediately after processing is complete.

The fingerprinting process involves two steps – registration of a diamond and verification to confirm its identity. This service takes between 40-60 seconds depending on the exact service selected. ImaGem uses its patented direct measurement technology and special imaging techniques to record a diamond’s identity and save it to a database for future verification. To verify a diamond, the stone’s weight, total depth and gem id number are used in combination with several other measurements.

A complete list of services available through the VeriGem machine is given below.
VeriGem services are available for round and fancy shape diamonds. If you require our services for a very special and unusual diamond cut, just call and we’ll be happy to work with you to develop it.

Light Behavior consulting for loose diamonds
Light behavior grading for loose diamonds
Light behavior consulting for mounted diamond jewelry
Light behavior grading for mounted diamond jewelry
Mass Market Retailer Programs (using Light Behavior & Fingerprinting)
Sorting services
Registration and verification for loose diamonds
Registration and verification for mounted diamonds
See why we are better!

See why we are better!

Diamond Shapes: Round and Fancy cuts.
Gauging Repeatability: +/- 0.005 mm with 96% probability.
Light Behavior Repeatability: Brilliance +/- 2%, Sparkle +/- 2% and Intensity +/- 4 %.