Features ImaGem GemEx
Direct Measurement of Light Behavior Yes Yes
Processing Time (40 Seconds) Yes No
Instant On-site Report Generation (hard copy) Yes No
Registration & Verification Yes No
Get Accurate & Repeatable Measurement Readings Yes No
Direct Measurement of Light Behavior in Mounted Jewelry Yes No
Use on Cutting floor Yes Yes
All Cut Types/Shapes Yes Yes
Centering Mechanism for accuracy and consistency Yes No
Realistic Lighting: we move the stone, not the lights Yes No
Measure Light behavior of branded cuts Yes Yes
Mass Market Light behavior Grading Programs Available for stones of any size Yes No
Get Actual Numerical Readings Yes No
Automated Diagnostics to ensure accurate readings Yes No
Provide Cutting Instructions Yes No
Select Mountings Yes No
In store Digital Display of mounted/unmounted stones in multiple lighting settings Yes No
Select Matching Stones Yes No
Improve sales by showing stunning videos of a diamond under different lights Yes No
For selling and brochures capture Images in a fraction of a second Yes No
On-site Digital Certificate for posting on the internet or for world wide delivery Yes ?
Small Footprint of equipment Yes No
Protection against over exposure of video devices used in measurement Yes No
True Rotation of diamond to accurately measure light behavior Yes No
Beautiful display of fire, brilliance, sparkle, intensity, symmetry Yes No
Unbeatable pricing and service options Yes No
Worldwide service, support available Yes Yes
Image Options (Check with your ImaGem service provider) Yes Yes
Report customization (Check with your ImaGem service provider) Yes ?
Grading based on Scientific Principles of Human Perception Yes No

This comparison sheet is based on currently available information. Any errors or omissions brought to our attention by credible parties will be included in an updated future version of the table.