ImaGem’s Direct Measurement of Light Behavior technology has been adopted by manufacturers, diamond grading labs, and jewelers. Consumers and buyers use our light behavior technology to select beautiful diamonds at a price that they can afford. ImaGem-Essence is available to help manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers to cut from rough or re-cut a finished diamond to improve a diamond’s light behavior while preserving as much of the weight as possible.

With ImaGem’s direct measurement of light behavior technology, you can be assured of measurements that are accurate and repeatable. We are the only company offering measurements of light behavior based on scientific and patented technology. This is important to you to distinguish your stone or brand from others.

Scientifically proven system: The three measurements of Brilliance, Sparkle and Intensity ImaGem uses are based on how people see a diamond. The system has been designed, developed and tested over a period of fourteen years to deliver accurate and repeatable measurements of light behavior each and every time.

Market Acceptance: More independent diamond grading labs have adopted ImaGem system for directly measuring light behavior than any other system on the market. (EGL USA; NY, Robbins Brothers of California, AGA; USA, DGLA; Horsham, ITPL; Surat, PGGL; Philadelphia, EGL USA; LA, EGL USA; Toronto, DGLA; Mumbai )

ImaGem’s system has been used by InterGold/Rosy Blue, one of the largest manufacturers of diamonds in the world, to measure light behavior of diamonds it manufactures. The system was deployed on-site in SEEPZ, Mumbai and off-site at other locations. Soni Diamond Institute has signed up with ImaGem to use ImaGem’s technology for determining cutting proportions and to measure light behavior of its diamonds. One of Friedman Jewelers’ most successful programs “Premiere” used ImaGem’s light behavior technology. Hundreds of other retailers have used the system to grade their diamonds for light behavior in USA and in India

Immediate On-site Certification: With ImaGem, you no longer have to wait to receive Light Behavior Certificates in mail. Its as easy as just loading the stone, centering it with a handy centering tool, and clicking a button so the light behavior analysis can begin. Analysis is completed in 40 seconds and you can print a Certificate immediately.

Value: ImaGem is conscious of delivering the highest value to customers in a highly competitive environment. Labs which use ImaGem technology deliver a guaranteed service of quality to customers. Besides round and fancy cuts, grading for branded cuts is available. Because ImaGem gives you consistent measurements – the only direct measurement of light behavior technology to do so, it can truly differentiate between branded goods. A major retailer has switched to ImaGem system exactly because the system it was using before couldn’t differentiate its branded goods from other goods. Ability to differentiate your diamonds is a major marketing tool available only through ImaGem’s technology.

Ease of use: ImaGem technology is easy to use and easy to explain to consumers. Images generated by our machine are appreciated by consumers to make informed decision. The images show features of a diamond that a consumer can see in the diamond they are buying. Compare this to other systems which produce images that may be unrealistic or overexposed. GemInsight® shows dazzling images of a diamond under different lighting conditions – an exclusive of ImaGem.

Mounted Jewelry: ImaGem is the only technology in the world that can measure light behavior of diamonds in mounted jewelry. This capability is revolutionizing jewelry manufacture, quality control and theft prevention.

Customization: Depending on the needs of our customers, Certificates can be customized to a format of their choice. Click here to see samples of Light Behavior Certificates.

Lease Options: ImaGem offers its customers attractive lease plans for short and long term leases. Call ImaGem at 1-888-7 IMAGEM or +1-215-477-9920 for more information on leasing options.

As use of light behavior is gaining acceptance, it is important to understand the benefits and advantages of using ImaGem’s direct measurement of light behavior over other systems. Many labs – GIA, AGS, IGI and others, do not have equipment for directly measuring the light behavior of a diamond. Instead, they use mathematical models to estimate what the light behavior of a diamond might be. These models do not take into account color, clarity and other nuances of a diamond that can affect its light behavior. Always ask for light behavior based on “direct measurement” which gives repeatable readings and the grades are based on these readings.

Buyers and consumers should be aware that some sellers are promoting their diamonds as “the most brilliant”, “the most beautiful” and other inflated claims based on a sample of stones tested. Beware that your diamond may not be as good as it is claimed. Always ask for a Light Behavior Certificate for your diamond based on a direct measurement technology.

To be sure that you have a beautiful diamond, insist on measurement readings. Why is this important? Without measurement readings you can never know how good is your stone. Measurement readings are also essential for re-cutting.

For the above reasons we highly recommend that you ask for ImaGem’s Direct measurement of Light Behavior Certificate. If you are using GemEx or another system, you will find that ImaGem system is highly reliable, gives repeatable readings, accurately represents your stone and distinguishes it from the rest. For members of the trade that are currently using GemEx – ImaGem’s business model is significantly more efficient, cost-effective and addresses many concerns important to you.

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