ImaGem is using patented technology to map inclusions in both finished and rough diamonds. Note that the technology that we have developed significantly reduces reflections and dark spots to make visible inclusions which heretofore could not be seen. The images can be processed to identify a pinpoint as small as 2 microns and to create clarity plots.

For clarity grading the machine is supported by an expert system developed by ImaGem which calculates a metric called the “defect ratio™” or “DR™” for short. The metric is based on the size and number of inclusions, the location and the relief. The metric provides an objective direct measurement system for clarity grading and as its use is spreading we expect it to become an industry standard.

This technology has been in commercial use since 2003; ImaGem has successfully collaborated with a major retailer and a sight holder just recently to process high valued polished goods. This technology is also used to map inclusions in rough diamonds. The resulting images can be used for planning the cutting of a polished stone.

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Please be advised that you do not infringe on our patented technology. This technology is available to interested parties and gem grading labs via licensing agreements.